There are many ways to discover the world. Everyone may have their own opinion about that. In the early stages of the planning of the Road to Bhutan it became very clear to us. Our Road would be a Friendship tour. Without a higher ideology or purpose. Key would be Friendship and Durability. No superficialness, not just a hastily taste before going on, not just consuming. A guest should be respectful.

Our journey isn’t one without engagement. It won’t be just a sightseeing nor a number of instant impressions. We will be traveling through a lot of countries. Sometimes we will cross through rough terrain not faster then 10 miles per hour. With respect for the places where we go through. Respect for the inhabitants and their cultures. Where we can, we will halt and interact. Before setting off from Holland, we have scheduled a series of concerts with local musicians.

We have selected four medical and social projects in some of the countries we will pass through. We will support these projects financially because they are of great importance to the poorest.

You can help us support these projects:

Freedom Through Education, India
Millions of children in India have never had any schooling. Road to Bhutan will support this project by building primary schools.
Hospital for children with cancer in Iran
MAHAK is an Iranian organization that put in for children that suffer from cancer.
Brooke Hospital for Animals, Pakistan
A project that aims to improve the lives of horses, donkeys and mules working in the poorest parts of the world.
Kilu Music School in Thimpu, Bhutan
Our project to support the music school in Bhutan with musical instruments and additional finances to sustain music education.
If you sympathize with our projects and would like to support us financially to help us reach our goals, or become a major sponsor, please drop us a line:

The contributions and spending will be published on this site and will be under supervision of an auditor.