Road to Bhutan CO2-neutral

We have calculated the total CO2-emission of our Road to Bhutan on 75 tons. This amount of CO2 refers to the emission of our 8 cars, 16 airline flights from India Calcutta back to Holland and the passage of the cars back to Holland by ship. To be on the safe side, we have set our total CO2-emission to 80 tons.

Trees absorb CO2, and thus by planting extra trees, it is possible to compensate the CO2-emission. We have found a way to compensate our emission and bought rights on a tree planting project in Bolivia through the Sicirec Foundation.
The CO2 projects of the Sicirec Foundation always guarantee a surplus for the local environment and people.

By being CO2-neutral, Road to Bhutan will contribute to a durable world. This feels good and hopefully will inspire others.