At times people cross paths coincidentally. Then you realize that you share interest for the same matters. You discover that views and drive match quite well. Of course, everyone has his or her own background and own paths behind them. You familiarize. You talk about dreams, about curiosity, about far countries, about adventure. Bending over roadmaps. As if you know each other forever already. After a while you wonder. Was it meant to happen? It must have been!

Time to stop at the crossroads and reflect upon reason. You realize that, although the diversity of backgrounds and personal histories, you have become one. The wealth of knowledge of the one has become part of the other. Everyone unique and with a different motivation, but in the end with the same dream, the same destination. You grow strong together. You have become a fellowship.

May we present you with The Road to Bhutan? A story that will unfold. About a group of people that will travel together by car. A journey to the other side of the globe.
A journey of 10.000 miles by road. From the flatlands of the kingdom of The Netherlands to the kingdom of Bhutan high up into the mountains of the Himalayas.
A Road of Friendship between people, a cultural Road. A musical Road, a Road of Life. A Road of a Lifetime.

In the coming weeks and months you will be able to follow this story as it will be written. We will give you insight in the why. We will let you in on how it all started. We will get you the backgrounds. We will tug you with us, crossing over mountains and through deserts. We will introduce you to our local friends that we will meet on our Road. Together we will enjoy the music. We will share our story with you.
Our story of the Road to Bhutan.


This website will be just like our story. It will grow and will get its shape. Like all stories and roads do. Please bear with us and check back, for our Road is a long one.